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Role: Game Designer

Genre: Racing / Simulation / Management / Competitive

Team: Playsport

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android

Status: Released

Project Description: Looking for a one-of-a-kind Horse Racing experience? Look no further than Race Horse Rivals! This multiplayer motorsport horse racing game is the perfect way to connect with racing fans and rivals from around the world. Join forces with your friends and lead your team to victory against other jockeys.


Game Designer:

  • Designed and Implemented:

    • Core Race Event & Loop

    • Seasonal Tournaments and Cups

    • Daily Jackpot Mini-game

    • Mission System

    • In-game Economy

  • Managed Data Sets and balancing for core gameplay elements.

  • Designed and Implemented live service content to keep the game feeling fresh.

  • Researched, Designed and Implemented new systems to improve foundational gameplay.

  • Worked closely with community feedback to ensure a competitive but balanced gameplay environment.


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