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Role: Game Designer / Narrative Designer / Audio Designer / Programmer

Genre: First-Person Horror / Narrative Driven Horror

Team Size: 12

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC


Status: Complete


Project Description: Captive Audience is a first person narrative driven thriller, set in the confines of an illegal reality TV Show. With a focus on environmental interaction and progressive narrative through game-play, Captive Audience aims to provide an immersive experience where every object is interact-able, and helps to reveal more of the engaging story that unfolds through fully voice acted dialogue.


Game Designer:

  • Designed gameplay loop and player progression for each level.

  • Designed and implented several core mechanics relating to puzzles and object interaction.

  • Designed and Implemented enemy AI and puzzles for "Night" sequences.

  • Reworked all core systems post initial deadline to improve overall game flow.

  • Designed and Implemented several cinematic sequences to enhance Narrative.

  • Redesigned level interiors post initial deadline to improve overall game quality.

Narrative Designer:

  • Conceptualised and scripted overarching Narrative and objective focused dialogue (mission objectives, reactions to item interactions).

  • Created all characters and scripted all dialogue for each.

  • Scripted all dialogue / narrative events.

  • Designed core narrative to match gameplay structure.

  • Created and Implemented cinematic moments to gameplay.

Audio Designer:

  • Auditioned, cast and recorded dialogue for every character.

  • Edited and implemented all dialogue based on timings in game.

  • Created all SFX and Audio cues.

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