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Role: Game Designer / Programmer / Narrative Designer / World Designer / Audio Designer

Genre: Platformer / Rhythm Game

Team Size: 2

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC


Status: Prototype Complete


Project Description: Choreo is a 2D Platformer set in a vibrant world with a Lovecraftian foundation. We've drawn inspiration from early Disney cartoons, Aztec and Mayan culture and the Cthulu Mythos to create a world that has a colourful and bright surface, with dark and twisted roots. Utilising rythm based mechanics, and a dynamically developing score, the music ebbs and flows with the players peaks and troughs, creating impactful audiotory moments.


Game Designer:

  • Designed and implemented a Dynamic music system that alters the score based on player performance.

  • Designed and implemented all player controls and movement.

  • Designed level puzzles and obstacles present in the prototype.

  • Designed the level layout, constructed it, and added environmental effects and lighting.

  • Designed and implemented a follower system through which the player creates a procession of characters.

  • Determined Art Direction with Art Director.

Narrative Designer:

  • Created overarching narrative and world concept.

  • Scripted dialogue for overarching narrative and objective focused moments (mission goals, character interactions).

  • Conceptualised, scripted, edited and composited cinematics.

Audio Designer:

  • Auditioned, cast and recorded dialogue for cinematics.

  • Created all SFX and Audio Cues.

  • Determined the overall music direction with an external composer.

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