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Role: Game & Narrative Designer / Developer

Genre: Survival Horror / Virtual Pet

Team: Solo Hobby Project

Engine: UE5

Intended Platform: PC / Console

Status: In Development


Conception: Quiz prizes come in many shapes and sizes, but for me the one that stood out was a Gen 1 Tamagotchi. Technically I didn't win the Tamagotchi, but it was gifted to me by someone that knew better and I was enthralled by the wave of nostalgia that immediately swept me upon hearing the little beeps of my creature as it came to life.


3 sleepless nights later, I knew - the gift had been a curse. Gen 1 Tamagotchi are relentless. They lack any modern conveniences like a power or pause button that could provide the user a modicum of mercy, and for me all my hard work resulted in only the worst of creatures.


The constant terror of being surprised by its shrill beeps, the gnawing doubt about whether I was raising it right, and the stress of realising I had misplaced it all began to eat away at my soul, and that brought me to a great realisation...


In Tamagotchi's, there is horror.

Project Overview: Terrorgotchi aims to capture the stress, panic, and unrelenting doubt brought on by the Gen 1 Tamagotchi toys in a Survival Horror package reminiscent of pop culture games primarily from the Mascot Horror Genre.


Players take on the role of the Caretaker, an isolated individual that has taken on guardianship of a fledgling anomaly, one whose form will be determined by the quality and consistency of the care it receives.


Feed, play with, and care for your juvenile abomination using a suite of tools prepared by the Caretaker, while maintaining the facility to ensure both the creature's health, and your safety.


Emergence day is coming fast, and only you can determine the final form your creature will take!

DEVLOGS (Coming Soon):

DEVLOG 1: Breaking down a Tamagotchi

DEVLOG 2: Feeding Time

DEVLOG 3: All Work and No Play

DEVLOG 4: Lights, Camera, Monsters

DEVLOG 5: Leaky Pipes

DEVLOG 6: In Sickness & In Health

DEVLOG 7: Discipline

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