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Role: Game Designer / Prototyping

Genre: Educational / Adventure / Mini-Game

Team: Kuato Studios

Engine: Unity

Platform: Mobile


Status: Complete


Project Description: Experience the magic of Disney in the official Disney Story Realms app and explore enchanting worlds we all know and love! With adventures from the worlds of Frozen, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and more, you can take your place in iconic fairy tales and create your very own Disney experience.


Game Designer:

  • Designed, Implemented maintained interactive Storybooks.

  • Designed, Whiteboxed and Implemented new Realms and Realm features.

  • Designed and Implemented Mini-Games for Realms and Events.

  • Designed and Implemented seasonal events and live service elements.

  • Designed and Implemented camera system overhaul for all realms.

  • Designed and Implemented several cinematic sequences.

  • Prototyped new realm mechanics in-engine.
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