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It Will Find You


Role: Game Design / Narrative Design / World Design / Audio Design / Programmer

Genre: First-Person Horror / Narrative Driven Horror

Team Size: 1

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC (Steam/Gamejolt/Itch)


Status: Completed

Project Description: It Will Find You is a first person narrative driven horror experience, utilising a reactive narrative system that alters the stories flow based on player actions. With a focus on environmental interaction and progressive narrative through game-play, It Will Find You aims to provide an immersive experience where the world evolves in tandem with the players decisions, and a dark, twisting narrative is slowly revealed through fully voice acted dialogue.


General Game Design:

  • Designed and implemented a "Master Event System" that could direct narrative and fire events based on the branching paths taken.

  • Designed and implemented an AI system for the Monster, that could adapt to cinematic events on the fly.

  • Designed and implemented all object interaction mechanics, including weapons and physical manipulation.

  • Designed and implemented environmental interactions.

  • Designed and implemented all puzzles.

  • Designed and implemented the tutorial segment, tying it closely to the core narrative.

  • Implemented several achievement systems across multiple platforms.

Narrative Design:

  • Designed overarching narrative including multiple branching paths to allow for progression based on player actions.

  • Scripted all dialogue / narrative events.

  • Created and implemented all narrative and objective focused dialogue (Objective Directions, Item Interactions, Core Dialogue)

  • Conceptualised and developed all characters and their dialogue.

  • Designed and Implemented cinematic events including 8 unique endings.

World Design:

  • Conceptualised, researched and developed the games world.

  • Created the environment in engine using a mixture of self made and externally sourced assets.

  • Created a weather system that could fluctuate in tandem with the story.

  • Impemented and adjusted volumetric lighting.

  • Designed and implemented the each interiors contents.

Audio Design:

  • Auditioned, cast and recorded all character dialogue.

  • Edited all dialogue and applied post processing where necessary.

  • Created all SFX and Audio Cues.

  • Implemented all dialogue and audio into game.

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