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From an early age, narrative and world building were a passion of mine, driving me to construct a variety of stories, scripts and concepts over the years.


Whilst my primary areas of writing are in Horror and Dark Fiction, I pride myself on being able to write for a variety of genres, carrying a unique style and ingenuity to everything I pen.

Captive Audience Dialogues:

For the Captive Audience project I knew a large amount of narrative work would be required to make the project engaging and immersive.


This culminated in the creation of 29 pages of script, and around 500 lines of dialogue across the project. This dialogue was then recorded in a professional studio environment by actors recruited during the games production.

Below you can listen to the complete dialogues for Days 1-4, as well as the final scene of the game. Whilst this does not include the item interaction dialogues, and all the small clips in between larger chunks of speech, it gives a good sense of the scope of the project, as well as its narrative arc.

RELIC Dialogue:

RELIC was designed as a Metroidvania style prototype to illustrate mission design as part of the MA Games Design course at Teesside University.

For this project I designed and scripted a linear narrative with minor deviations to provide the game-play experience with character development and narrative progression that could work in tandem with the groups mission layout. This culminated in around 25 pages of script, fully voice acted by professionals that was then implemented accordingly.

Below you listen to the full narrative experience of RELIC, and journey through it's Sci-Fi world with Rel-La and Alpha-32.

Script Examples

Below are several script examples I have created over the years, including short films, a feature film, and several games narratives.


Captive Audience

The Beacon - Feature Script






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