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Role: Game Designer

Genre: Cricket / Simulation / Management / Competitive

Team: Playsport

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android

Status: Released

Project Description: Experience the thrill of cricket management in this quick, engaging game where you call all the shots! In Cricket Champs, your goal is simple - pick your best XI, set match tactics, and lead your club to glory.

Create and customize your very own cricket club with epic colors and badges. Represent your national pride by battling fierce rivals on the world stage. The match simulation is realistic - pick your squad and watch as they play out an intense cricket encounter.


Game Designer:

  • Designed and Implemented:

    • Core Match Loop

    • In-Game Economy

    • Player Progression Systems

    • Gacha System

    • League System

    • Leaderboard Systems

  • Managed Data Sets and balancing for core gameplay elements.

  • Created and Designed In-Game Economics ranging from IAP's to card progression.

  • Researched, Designed and Implenented regional elements such as team names to fit specific target markets.

  • Researched and Designed new systems to improve foundational gameplay in both the Front End and SIm.


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