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Role: Game Designer

Genre: Racing / Simulation / Management

Team: Playsport

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android / IOS


Status: Released

Project Description: Motorsport Manager Mobile 4 takes the race team strategy game to a whole new level of excitement and control. Embark on an exhilarating journey as you build your very own motorsport team from the ground up, leaving no decision unmade. This is your chance to shape the future of racing.



Game Designer:

  • Designed and Implemented:

    • R&D Tech Trees

    • Practice Mode

    • Sprint Races

    • New Championships

    • New Staff Members

    • Hard Mode & Difficulty Customisation Options

    • Reworked HQ System

    • Reworked Part Creation System

    • Reworked Marketplace

    • Reworked Supplier Network & Component Companies

  • Managed Data Sets for and Implemented new content using in-built tools.

  • Designed and Implemented content patches including new Tracks, Championships and Game Modes.

  • Balanced in-game elements to ensure a gripping and strategic simulation.

  • Researched, Designed and Implemented new systems to improve foundational gameplay.

  • Worked closely with community feedback to improve areas of the game in order to create a top of the line racing management experience.


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