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Role: Narrative Designer / Game Designer / Cinematic Designer

Genre: Puzzle / Geo-Game

Team Size: 10

Engine: Unity

Platform: IOS / Android


Status: Complete

Project Description: Witchcraft and Wizardry is geo-location based Detective game for mobile platforms that utilises a combination of puzzles, virtual node based witnesses, and devious clues to allow players to solve a burgeoning mystery in their own home town! Themed around a fantastic land of dark prophecies and brilliant sorcery, Witchcraft and Wizardry sees players take on the role of an investigator trying to stop the summoning of an apocalyptic fire elemental, grilling the local magical community for leads and information to find the culprit, and stop their heinous plan.


Narrative Design:

  • Wrote overarching narrative and all objective dialogue (witness statements, questions, player directions).

  • Conceptualised, designed and wrote dialogue for all characters.

  • Created and implemeneted world building dialogue and interactions through use of an independant node system.

  • Concepted and implemented key gameplay moments and cinematic experiences.

  • Developed and implemented several animatics to bookend gameplay.

General Game Design:

  • Concepted puzzle gameplay and implemented it into the narrative.

  • Designed player path and cascading item interactions.

Cinematic Design:

  • Determined Art Style and character designs in tandem with an external artist.

  • Storyboarded, scripted, composited, edited and implemented cinematics using Unity.

  • Auditioned, cast and recorded voice actors for the Animatics.

  • Created all SFX/Audio for Animatics.

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