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Requiem for a Puppet

Role: Game Designer / Narrative Designer / Audio Designer / Programmer

Genre: Platformer / Rhythm Game

Team Size: 1

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC


Status: Prototype Complete


Project Description: Requiem for a Puppet is a Rhythm based platformer utilising a dynamic BPM system that influences all aspects of the game, from combat and movement to Enemy AI and Environmental elements. As the game progresses different environments / challenges affect the overall score, adjusting the BPM with which the player navigates the game, dynamically altering the play style required.


Game Designer:

Designed and implemented a dynamic BPM system that rewards players for acting in tandem with the games rhythm.

Designed and implemented core movement and interaction systems.

Designed and implemented a follower system where the player can collect and procession of characters.

Designed and impemented a possesion system through which the player can take control of followers to solve puzzles.

Designed and implemented puzzles and obstacles based around the BPM and follower systems.

Designed and implemented several boss battles.

Narrative Designer:

Designed overaching narrative beats and core concept.

Scripted all diegtic dialogue and objective focused dialogue (tutorial guides, mission objectives, follower interactions).

Audio Designer:

Created all SFX and Audio Cues.

Researched and implemented appropriate musical tracks to match the BPM system concept.


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