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Video Games have long been a passion of mine, and during the past two years I've worked on transforming that passion from hobby to career. With my Master's Degree at Teesside University complete, I am currently working on completing It Will Find You, while simultaneously looking for new opportunities.

Having left the Film and TV Industry, I self-taught C# in the Unity Engine, and continue to do so to improve my skills and value as a designer. Combining this with my continuing narrative work I aim to advance my career in both the narrative design and game design fields.

Narrative / Gameplay Trailer

Prototype vs 1 month later development video

Captive Audience is a first person narrative driven thriller, set in the confines of an illegal reality TV Show. With a focus on environmental interaction and progressive narrative through game-play, Captive Audience aims to provide an immersive experience where every object is interact-able, and helps to reveal more of the engaging story that unfolds through fully voice acted dialogue.


5 years ago Matt attempted to free his wife from the Compendium Estates, an illegal reality TV producer using death-row inmates as stars for lawless programming.

He failed, and has since been the star of his own show "Captive Audience", now entering it's fifth season. With his hope of escape or finding his wife dwindling, Matt has accepted his life and awaits his end, his evening conversations with Stacy, another shows star the only thing keeping him sane.

Now a mysterious agent appears to help Matt escape the maze of the Compendium Estates, and break free of The Hosts deadly grip. By day he must act as the star of his own show, and at night risk his life for freedom, and to find his wife.

Status: Complete

Role: Narrative Design, World Design, SFX


After the prototype was created, I undertook additional development as sole developer. The difference between the prototype and my reworked version is visible in the Prototype vs 1 Month later video above. This rework included a full revamp of the games Decor and lighting, additional rooms being created as well as all events that occur during the night-time sections being crafted from scratch. Drones were also added to provide the game with a sense of threat.

Download Link:


It Will Find You

It Will Find You is a first person narrative driven horror experience, utilising a reactive narrative system that alters the stories flow based on player actions. With a focus on environmental interaction and progressive narrative through game-play, It Will Find You aims to provide an immersive experience where the world evolves in tandem with the players decisions, and a dark, twisting narrative is slowly revealed through fully voice acted dialogue.


As her marriage dissolves from the trauma of a tragic accident, Julia returns to her family home seeking a respite from the onslaughts of her life.

Arriving amidst a terrible storm, Julia quickly realises she is not alone, as a horrific entity stalks the once beautiful woodlands surrounding her family estate. Under the deafening roar of the raging storm, Julia will have to fight for survival against the creature, while plagued by horrific visions that make her question her own reality.

With the climax, the curtain will be drawn back revealing a shocking conclusion that turns the game upon its head, in a shocking conclusion, you won't see coming.

Status: In Development

Role: Sole Developer - All Aspects

Download Link: 

Choreo is a 2D Platformer set in a vibrant world with a Lovecraftian foundation. We've drawn inspiration from early Disney cartoons, Aztec and Mayan culture and the Cthulu Mythos to create a world that has a colourful and bright surface, with dark and twisted roots.


Centuries ago, five beings rose up to overthrow a tyrannical Elder Being and seal its evil away where it could no longer influence the world around it.

As civilisation developed under the Fives rule, the world slowly forgot about the threat of the entity, and the last remnants of its empire have turned to dust.

Now, a group of cultists succeed in awakening this darkness from its slumber, drawing it back into the world in a new form.

It's gleaming smile belies its dark intentions, and the entity sets out towards the Fives stronghold, determined to reclaim its empire, and make the world that forgot its rule tremble.

Status: Prototype Complete

Role: Game Design, Programming, Narrative Design, World Design, SFX

Download Link:

Requiem for a Puppet

Requiem for a Puppet is a Rhythm based platformer utilising a dynamic BPM system that influences all aspects of the game, from combat and movement to Enemy AI and Environmental elements. 


Cold, alone, the Puppet awakens in the darkness of an abandoned theatre, with no memory of who it was, or is. Guided by the radiant light of a spirit with unknown intentions, the Puppet is drawn into a shambolic performance of sleeping beauty, where the cast are clueless, and the dragons deadly.

Using the eerie music that echoes through the theatre as it's guide, the Puppet must make it's way towards the performances climax, and discover the true nature of it's existence.

Status: Prototype Complete

Role: Sole Developer - All Aspects

Download Link:


An FPS with a narrative core, RELIC was developed as part of the MA in Games Design by a small team at Teesside University to illustrate mission design combined with a strong underlying narrative.


RELIC is a metroidvania style first person action adventure for the PC platform. The game takes inspiration from the metroid prime game series.

Set in deep space, a fearsome race of cyborgs known as the Brakan expand their reach over the known universe, conquering worlds in a desperate search for ancient Relics that hold the key to a universal secret. Guided by a mysterious species known as the Eurakav, the Brakan are ruthless, merciless and eternally loyal to their Hive-Mind.

After the discovery of a fragmented Relic, Alpha-32, an elite Brakan Scout, is freed from the grips of the hive by a fragmented renegade AI (Rel-la) that lay dormant within the ancient artefact for millennia. 

Guided by his new conscience, and driven by a desire to right the wrongs he committed as a member of the Brakan, Alpha-32 sets out to find the Relics before the Eurakav can, and restore Rel-la's shattered memory.

Status: Complete

Role: Lead Narrative and SFX

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