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Session 0
Stage 2 - Deals & Developments




Step 1 - Establish A Foothold

Having outlined both the concept of their companies, and their raw statistics, the players next step was to use the points they placed into the Diversification stat to seed buildings around the city.

Each player was granted a Head Quarters structure for free, placed in a location that best fit the nature of their company. This would act as the hub of all their corporate activity, and would also become an important target for anyone wishing to sabotage, conquer or otherwise harm another players venture.

They were then able to exchange their Diversification points for buildings:

  • Small - 1 Point

  • Medium - 3 Points

  • Large - 5 Points

Smaller buildings would allow them to spread their reach further at the cost of functionality and resources, while larger buildings would act as strongholds with more impactful capabilities and greater defensive measures. 

These buildings were 3D printed and placed on a physical map by each player for a sense of tactile authenticity. No constraints were put on where each structure could be placed (with the exception of non-functional terrain), so players were free to cast their net wide, or try to claim dominance of a specific district within the city.

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